Koh Rong Island

Environmentally Sustainable Island Concept
Architecture, Concept, Master Planning, Urban Design 2011

Type Residential, Hotel, Infrastructure
(roads, utilities, airport, ferry terminal) 
Location Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

Koh Rong Island is perhaps the last opportunity to create the perfect environmentally harmonious resort destination. Located on the Gulf of Thailand about 22km to the North East Sihanoukville. At 78.26 sq km, Koh Rong enjoys pristine white sand beaches and calm warm seas. It is the largest of a group of islands and may be seen as being in the center of a chain of tropical islands stretching from Pattaya, Thailand to the southern-most tip of Vietnam. At present the island is largely uninhabited / undeveloped except for a handful of small fishing villages. Government approval for development has been granted and the owner (of the whole island) is looking for equity investors / purchasers for key components. The initial stage contemplates two resorts on approximately 35ha each, a simple airport and port facilities, commencement of the Marina Bay town centre development and other essential infrastructure as part of Stage 1A.